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* Do you know what the rDNS is?

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rDNS or Reverse DNS has the exact opposite function of the Forward DNS. With it, you are able to complete reverse DNS lookups and find the corresponding domain name behind an IP address. rDNS gives you the opportunity to create a Reverse DNS zone and add inside it your PTR records. They serve you to verify that the IP addresses are associated with the domain name, and there is not any type of scam.

To briefly summarize:

  • Forward DNS: A domain name pointing to an IP address to show location.
  • Reverse DNS: An IP address pointing to a domain name to confirm it belongs to it.

In order for rDNS to operate accurately, you should create PTR records. They serve to prove that the IP address corresponds to the domain name and is not forged. You are able to use Reverse DNS with IPv4 addresses and also with IPv6 addresses, or with both simultaneously.
The servers of your recipients are capable of noticing a piece of real evidence and confirming the connection once they track the IP address to the domain name.

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